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Hereinafter referred to as“Preet’’

Photography by Preet Provides professional photographic services in UAE and has extensive expertise in creating and supplying its clients with High Quality Images.

 Preet to attend the nursery/day care/school at the decided premises as per mutually agreed schedule, to photograph the students on an individual basis, classroom, for graduation pictures etc. For each student Preet shall supply a proof card/order form containing small watermarked images of his or her photograph along with package options.  The orders are to be returned to the nursery/day care/school along with payment of orders by the deadline stated on the order form or by the nursery/day Care/ School.


  • Obligations of Nursery/day care/school

The nursery/day care/school undertakes as follows: 

To make available on the days of the shoot a suitable indoor area minimum size of 20 square meters with the ceiling clearance of 4 meters, with sufficient power points to accommodate 2 to 3 large lights, modifiers & background in order for Preet to photograph the students. 

To inform the parents of the students by email or internal note that a photographic session of their child will be taking place at the nursery/day care/school at least one week before the session. 

 It is the sole responsibility of the parents and the nursery/day care/school to ensure the students appearance is in order.  At no point will the Photography by Preet be held responsible for the appearance of the students. 

It is the responsibility of the Nursery/daycare/school and their staff to monitor the students during the photoshoot to ensure their safety.   On receipt of the proofs handed over by Preet, the nursery/daycare/school shall through the appropriate class channels distribute the proof cards/order forms to each student or parents and follow up on orders accordingly, It is the responsibility of the nursery/day care/school to provide a class list and a suitable schedule for the Photography by Preet team.  



  • Obligations of Photography by Preet  

Photography by Preet undertakes as follows: 

To provide on the day(s) of the photo shoots suitable photographers and assistants necessary to co-ordinate and photograph students for individual, sibling & class photos, graduation etc, The class pictures will include teachers and assistants and after the shoot & the class photos would be completed through a composite edit

 To provide all photographic equipment, cameras, lights, light modifiers, backgrounds etc. necessary for the session. To provide each student photographed a proof card /order form containing options of packages, To offer a family session and other shoots required by the nursery/daycare/school at a time and date mutually convenient.                                                                                                                                                          

Photography by Preet will provide the Nursery/day care/ school a copy of each class photo for display in classroom/school & if required and mutually agreed an online viewing gallery with watermarked Class and Individual photos [class wise]. 

  • Copyright

Copyright of all the images obtained shall remain under the ownership of Photography by Preet.  Breaking copyright in the resale of Photography by Preet products is an offense according to the 1998 Copyright law.

  • Indemnification 

The nursery/daycare/school shall not hold Photography by Preet liable for any property damage it may occur as a result of Photography by Preet performing its services on the nursery premises, the nursery/daycare/school will not be held responsible for anything that happens to Photography by Preet staffs on the nursery premises.